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Gift Planning

University of Rochester Donor-Advised Funds:
Philanthropy Simplified

The University of Rochester offers its donors the opportunity to use contributions to create donor-advised funds. Many donors find a donor-advised fund to be an economically attractive alternative to a private foundation and a superior opportunity for their involvement in a long-term charitable giving plan.

With Rochester's donor-advised fund, a donor is able to:

  • Create a charitable fund from which future distributions may be made over many years
  • Support the University of Rochester and other donor-preferred charities
  • Pay no investment or management fees
  • Tap into professional asset management and select from one of two investment options
  • Receive an immediate charitable income-tax deduction
  • Enjoy the flexibility of making grants to charities on a flexible timetable and not in a year-end rush
  • Stay informed through quarterly investment and gifting reports, provided on behalf of the University, by Northern Trust Company

A donor generally may establish a donor-advised fund with the University of Rochester simply by signing an agreement and then making a contribution to that fund. The donor is allowed to recommend the investment of the fund into either a money market fund or the University's general endowment. Based upon the size of the fund, a certain proportion of the grants may be required to be designated to the University, with the remainder available for recommended designation to other qualified charitable organizations. The donor may serve, or may designate another person to serve, as the fund advisor, who makes grant recommendations to the University. These grant recommendations are nonbinding and will be subject to the University's diligent review.

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For more information contact Christopher Raimy, Marianne Virgilio, or Karen Amico, Office of Trusts and Estates, Box 278799, Rochester, New York 14627-8799, (800) 635-4672, (585) 273-5930, or at



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