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Family Trust Supports University

Virendra Gupta ’80S
(MBA), PP’87, PP’91;
Uma Gupta PP’87,
’PP91; and Dr. Atul
Gupta ’87 (BS)

Dr. Atul Gupta, an interventional radiologist, and his family, who all have close ties to the University, generously established a charitable remainder unitrust. He says, “This trust allows us to support the University over many years, and it also gives something back to us.”

This unitrust will provide a stream of income for his parents during their lifetimes while growing in the University’s endowment. Later, the unitrust will support Dr. Gupta for up to 20 years. In addition to enjoying a tax deduction and avoiding capital-gain tax on the sale of the stock, by establishing this unitrust, Dr. Gupta preserved 100 percent of the value of the stock for the benefit of his family.

The Gupta family had no doubt that this was the right gift plan for them because each member has been impacted by the University. Dr. Gupta earned a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from the Hajim School for Engineering, and his father attended Simon Business School for his MBA. Dr. Gupta’s sister, Ms. Anju Gupta, received her bachelor’s from the College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering and an MBA from Simon, and their mother spent time working at the University’s bookstore.

Dr. Gupta and his parents still reside in Rochester and feel that the University is a core part of the city. Dr. Gupta says, “We wanted to support the University because it supports our community. From providing jobs and healthcare to providing excellent science and medical advancement, it’s such a vital part of Rochester.”

Ultimately, this gift will become the Gupta Family Endowment and will support the needs of the Department of Radiology. Dr. Gupta’s father, Mr. Virenda Gupta, feels that it is especially important to give to the medical community. He says, “We want to help with the advancement of medical research and education, thereby helping with our country’s big problem—which is healthcare.”

The family decided to help grow the Department of Radiology specifically because of Dr. Gupta’s dedication to its practice. Dr. Gupta adds, “Radiology is my passion, and it’s such a technically dependent field. There is so much growth every year; and to stay up to date, a lot of advanced technology is required.”


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