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Term charitable trust ensures funding for student learning experiences while providing income

Lori Josephon ’78 and Richard Josephson ’77

Lori Josephson ’78 and Richard Josephson ’77 met and fell in love on the University of Rochester campus. Their transformational experiences here profoundly affected their future professional paths. Because of the role Rochester played in their lives, Lori and Richard established a term charitable remainder trust to support future undergraduate students with experiential learning opportunities.

Rochester invests charitable remainder trust assets in its highly diversified endowment. Only a small group of leading universities and colleges have this ability. The Josephsons know their investment in the University is well-managed, utilizing a wealth of expertise to gain optimal results from a wide range of diversified assets.

“With a charitable trust there’s enough money to fund a significant project, and we get some income for a few years between the end of employment and the beginning of retirement. All the stars were aligned,” said the Josephsons.


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